Online Gym Membership Application and Rates


Membership options
Student Staff
Registration Fee RM 50
Weekly Pass RM 30 RM 50
Monthly Pass RM 50 RM 80
3-Months Pass RM 135 RM 220
6-Months Pass RM 260 RM 430
12-Months Pass RM 500 RM 840
Card Replacement Fee
(Applies for any lost or damage to membership card)
RM 20

Except for the weekly membership, all memberships will begin on the first of the month.  If you register after the 1st, your membership will still be valid until end of the same month.  For instance, if student A joins on the 12th of November 2022, his/her membership will still expire on the 30th of November 2022.  Renewal at the beginning of each month is recommended to take advantage of the monthly membership.

The membership fee is subject to change each year.

Please pay using Curtin ePayApply Here